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You don’t have to put up with a problem window that’s hard to open, slams down unexpectedly, or leaks air. 

If you’re thinking about replacing the windows in your home, you’ve got lots of options. The choices you make about styles, materials and insulation can impact maintenance and energy costs for years. When you’ve found the window you like, take a look at its energy label to see how it compares to other windows.


The high energy performance of our windows have the combined factors of a warm edge spacer and high performance Low-E glass. Combine these technologies with an Argon gas fill and you will maximize your energy performance and decrease your heating and cooling costs. In the winter months, Low-E helps keep heated air inside and cold air outside. In the summer, Low-E helps keep cool air in and hot air out. Low-E also blocks up to 94% of the harmful ultraviolet rays which can fade carpets, draperies and artwork. In addition since Argon gas is six times more dense than air, its greatly reduces the transfer of hot and cold-adding even more thermal efficiency. It is this combination of Warm Edge and Low-E/Argon filled glass that helps you save on your heating and cooling costs.


The 144 Series Window System represents state of the art design in window systems, among the most advanced in the industry, We offer styles and options to fit any architectural requirements – both contemporary and classic. We build to a quality level achieved from years of experience and back it with our Lifetime Limited Warranty.

  • Each window is custom made to fit specific window openings and decor.
  • Contour Beveled Exterior.
  • Half screens standard; full screens also available.
  • Sashes lift out for easy cleaning. But for added security, only lift out from the inside.
  • Heavy duty brass ball bearing rollers allow easy operation.
  • Independent weep holes for excellent drainage.
  • Sashes have equal-size glass for an appealing appearance.

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